Ambassadors Oath: OOTS


Living in harmony under The Sun God's guidance
Is a complex and challenging endeavor.
We need to cultivate compassion and kindness,
And share the gifts we have with others.

We need to respect diverse perspectives,
And listen with curiosity and openness.
We need to seek factual evidence, not biased narratives.

We need to collaborate for the public interest,
And defend the rights of the marginalized and vulnerable.
We need to uphold the principles we profess.

This is a worthy aspiration to follow,
And demands a lot of resilience and bravery.
Most importantly, above all,
We need to overcome our ego and pride.
I. Speak truth to power, even if it leads to death.
(Let your words be honest, even if they cost you your life.)
II. Live without fear in the face of evil.
(Face the wicked with courage and without fear.)
III. Be brave and pure so the Gods know of thee.
(Show your valor and virtue so the Gods may honor you.)
IV. Safeguard the helpless and do no wrong.
(Protect the weak and innocent and never do harm.)
V. Strive for purpose, not perfection.
(Seek meaning, not perfection, in your actions.)
VI. Live under God in one peace.
(Live in harmony with God and with each other.)
- Order of the 6 -