1. Appreciation Discount: Free Shipping (limited time offer). 20% off for ambassadors.
    • Minimum purchase of 2 items.
    • Use Code: 
  2. Custom Designs: Email us at 
    • sales@eloapparelltd.com
    • info@eloapparelltd.com
    Please have all information ready. Due to high demand, your design completion may vary.
  3. Eco-friendly: To remain an eco-friendly environment, inventory on certain collections are limited.
  4. Shipping: Based off the weight and dimensions of your order. 


     We are grateful for your commitment to us and it's our commitment to you to be the service provider you can rely on during these trying times.

  5. Fraudulent Orders: Due to society today, we are all at risk of online fraudulent behavior. Such behavior will not be tolerated here. If at any time you feel uncomfortable about purchasing a product. Contact us at info@eloapparelltd.com. We promise to take care of our end and trust you will be honest on yours. Under no circumstance will an order be accepted if it appears to be suspicious. We will cancel and refund the order in full.

  6. Order Status: Please allow for 5-7 days for your order to be processed and shipped. Domestic delivery takes 7-10 days. International delivery can take anywhere from 2-10 weeks.
  7. Refunds: No returns or refunds will be accepted at this time.
  8. Contact: For further questions on product and custom designs (sales@eloapparelltd.com). Questions about brand or business opportunities (info@eloapparelltd.com).
  9. International Delivery: Selective locations only.
  10. Billing and Shipping: We require that your billing and shipping address match to prevent identity and credit card fraud.
  11. Email Confirmation: During high traffic, there may be a delay in delivery of confirmation emails. If you have not received an email please refer to your junk folder. If you think you entered an incorrect email, please contact us including your order number and full name and we will resend your confirmation.
  12. Purchase Design: Selective Éló Apparel Ltd. designs can be purchased. Prices may vary. Not all designs are up for purchase.
  13. Ambassador: Currently not accepting requests.
  14. PayPal: Checking out with PayPal Express

    **If you are checking out by using PayPal Express, you are first taken to the PayPal page to enter their credit card information and billing address. After this step, you are shown available shipping methods.

  15. Shipping Options: If you leave the checkout page to change the contents of your order, then your shipping rates might change. Since most shipping rates are calculated based on an order's weight, any significant changes to its contents can make the original shipping rate inaccurate. When you return to the checkout process after changing the order, you are redirected back to the same step of the checkout process. You won't receive the new, recalculated shipping rate until you are ready to complete the purchase.

**Customers who enter a shipping address in a region that isn't included in your shipping zones receive a notice that there is no shipping rate available for their region (see image below) If this occurs. Notify us immediately. We are currently working with venders to fix this issue and get our customers the best shipping rates possible for their region.